Why Is My German Shepherd So Hyper?

If you’re the owner of a German shepherd, then you know that these dogs tend to be quite hyper. But why is that? What makes them so active? It’s important for German Shepherd owners to understand why their dogs are hyper so that they can better manage their energy levels. Read on to learn more about why German Shepherds become so hyper at times.

Why Is My German Shepherd So Hyper?

The main reason why German Shepherds tend to get so hyper is that they were originally bred to be working dogs. This means that they were bred to have a lot of energy and to be able to work for long periods of time. German Shepherds are still working dogs today, which is why they tend to be hyper.

However, not all German Shepherds are given the chance to use up their energy by working. This can lead to hyperactivity, as the dog has a lot of energy but nowhere to use it up. If you have a hyper German Shepherd, it is important to give them plenty of exercises so that they can burn off their excess energy.

If you do not address your German Shepherd’s hyperactivity, it can lead to other problems such as destructiveness and aggression. Therefore, you must always make sure that your German Shepherd is getting enough exercise. With the right amount of exercise, your hyper German Shepherd will be a happy and well-behaved dog.

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What Kind Of Exercises Should I Let My German Shepherd Engage In?

There are a number of different exercises that you can do with your hyper German Shepherd to help them burn off their excess energy. Some of these exercises include:

Going for long walks

Long walks are great for German Shepherds because they can explore and sniff to their heart’s content. Just make sure to bring water and a few treats for your dog so they can stay hydrated and happy. Also, make sure to use a good quality leash and collar to prevent your dog from getting away from you.


If you have a backyard or nearby park, letting your German Shepherd run around off-leash is a great way for them to burn off energy. Just make sure that the area is safe and secure so your dog doesn’t run into any danger. You can also bring your German Shepherd to a dog park to play with other dogs and have a great time.

Playing fetch

German Shepherds love to play fetch, so it’s a great way to tire them out. You can use a tennis ball, Frisbee, or even a stick for this activity. Just make sure that you don’t throw the object too far so your dog doesn’t have to run too much.


Tug-of-war is another great way to wear out a hyper German Shepherd. Just make sure that you don’t play too rough with your dog and that you let them win sometimes. This way, they’ll know that the game is just for fun and not for fighting.


Taking your German Shepherd swimming is a great way to exercise them and have fun at the same time. Just make sure that you supervise your dog at all times and that they’re wearing a life jacket if they’re not a strong swimmer. At best, do not let your German Shepherd swim in deep water. This way, you can avoid any accidents.

Endurance training

Lastly, you can try doing some endurance training with your German Shepherd. This type of exercise is great for hyperactive dogs because it requires them to focus and use a lot of energy. Just make sure that you start off slow and gradually increase the intensity as your dog gets used to it.

These are just a few of the ways that you can exercise your hyper German Shepherd. Just remember to be patient and have fun with your dog. They’ll eventually calm down and be the obedient, loving dog that you know they can be.

Will Hyperactivity Lead To Aggression In German Shepherds?

Yes, there is a possibility that hyperactivity can lead to aggression in German Shepherds. However, this is usually only the case if the hyperactivity is caused by a medical condition or if the dog isn’t getting enough exercise. If you think that your dog’s hyperactivity is causing them to be aggressive, then you should talk to your vet about it. They may be able to recommend a professional trainer who can help your dog learn how to properly channel their energy.

Should I Punish My German Shepherd For Being Hyperactive?

No, you should not punish your German Shepherd for being hyperactive. Punishing them will only make the problem worse and could cause them to become even more hyperactive. If you want to help your dog calm down, then you should try using positive reinforcement techniques. This means rewarding them when they display calm behavior. You can also try giving them more exercise or mental stimulation throughout the day. This will help them to burn off some of their excess energy and hopefully make them less hyperactive.

Will Obedience Training Help Address My German Shepherd’s Hyperactivity?

Yes, obedience training can help to address hyperactive behavior in German Shepherds. Teaching your dog basic commands such as sit, stay, down, and come can help them to focus and be less hyperactive. You may also want to try agility training or nose work with your dog. These activities require a lot of focus and concentration from your dog and can help to tire them out both mentally and physically.

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How do I calm down my German Shepherd?

The best way to calm down a hyper German Shepherd is to provide them with plenty of exercises. A tired dog is a good dog! Make sure to give your dog at least 30-60 minutes of vigorous exercise every day. This can include activities such as running, hiking, playing fetch, or swimming. You may also want to try some mentally stimulating activities with your dog such as agility training or nose work.

How do I stop my German Shepherd from being so hyper?

You can stop your German Shepherd from being hyper by providing them with plenty of exercises and mental stimulation. Make sure that you vary the exercises that you do with your dog so that they don’t get bored. You should also make sure to give them a good amount of time to rest and relax.

Why is my German Shepherd so energetic?

German Shepherds were originally bred to be working dogs. This means that they were bred to have a lot of energy and stamina. This is why German Shepherds are often very energetic dogs.

If you have a German Shepherd that is hyper, it is important to make sure that they get enough exercise and mental stimulation. Otherwise, they may become bored or destructive.

At what age do German Shepherds settle down?

Most German Shepherds will start to settle down around the age of two or three years old. However, some German Shepherds may remain quite energetic throughout their lives.

Do German Shepherds have high anxiety?

Yes, German Shepherds are prone to anxiety. Anxiety can be one of the reasons why a German Shepherd may be hyper. If your German Shepherd is anxious, it may benefit from dog anxiety medication or behavior modification training.

Final Thoughts

So, why is my German Shepherd so hyper? The main reason why a German Shepherd may be hyper is that German Shepherds are working dogs. Therefore, they have a lot of energy. Other reasons for hyperactivity may include anxiety or excitement. If you are concerned about your German Shepherd’s hyperactivity, talk to your vet. They can help you determine if there is a medical reason for the hyperactivity or if behavior modification training may be necessary.

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