Dogs can’t talk like, humans, do, so one of their ways of communication is by whining. It is their way of expressing how and what they feel and also a way of talking to us. Oftentimes, our dog might wine too much and we get frustrated as to what the whining means.

Understanding the reasons why our dogs whine would be a good way for us to easier define what they want or need, rather than getting annoyed and end up ignoring them.

Want to learn more? Stick around as we determine why dogs whine.

Reason Why Our Dogs Whine

Whining is a method of communication in dogs. Determining and understanding those reasons will help you cater to your dog’s needs. Let’s go through a few of those reasons.

They Are In Pain

One of the most visually obvious reasons why dogs whine is an indication they are in pain or if they aren’t feeling well. This is usually accompanied by limping, lethargy, increased heart rate, or any other symptoms of pain.

Dogs would usually whine to either get your attention or to calm or alleviate the pain, which is sort of like screaming to us when we feel pain.

They Want Something

Dogs would wine because they need or want something, This is usually accompanied by their eyes or face constantly shifting from you to the thing that they want you to help get. Or maybe they want to go out for a walk, or if they want a little piece of what you’re eating.

They Want Attention

When you’re on your phone or talking to someone, you may hear your dog whine because they aren’t involved and want to get your attention. We can see this attention-seeking whining as jealousy because our dogs oftentimes do this when we are speaking to someone else.

They Are Excited

Whining is a way for dogs to express excitement, for instance, when we get home from work and we are greeted by our dogs, they are usually energetic and might be accompanied by a lot of whining and jumping.

They Are Stressed

Whining is a common response in dogs whenever they are in situations that can make them anxious or stressed. This is usually accompanied by trembling and panting. Your dog might be anxious during social gatherings in your house where most are strangers to him, or your dog could be suffering from separation anxiety.

They Are Sorry

Whining is the way our dogs express they’re sorry, like when you scold because they chewed on your favorite shoes or the furniture, or when they pooped on the couch.

What Do I Do When My Dog Is Whining?

Once you have identified the reasons why dogs whine, you can then be able to cater to their needs. Your dog may also excessively whine which is an indicator of a behavioral issue. Let’s go through a few things you can do if your dog is whining.

Take Them To The Hospital

Since one of the most common reasons why dogs whine is that they are in pain. If you notice your dog’s whining is accompanied by limping, lethargy, trembling in their voice, or constant urination, you should contact your vet for instructions and take them to the hospital for a professional evaluation. 

Anxiety Remedies

Your dog may whine because of anxiety during social interactions with strangers or even other dogs. Remedies for anxiety include constant reassurance, giving them treats or their favorite chew toy, and crate training. 

Your dog may also suffer from separation anxiety which can cause your dog to whine whenever you’re about to leave or when they are left alone. Know more about separation anxiety in dogs at Doggos Daily, to determine its causes and how to stop it.

Don’t Tolerate Behavioral Issues

You can observe behavioral issues on dogs when they whine to ask for food off the table when you’re eating. The more you entertain them and feed them off the table, the more likely this behavior won’t stop and would probably get worse.

Keep Them Busy

When your dog is whining for attention, you can either actively play with them, or you can give them their chew toy or favorite toy to keep them busy. Keeping them busy with their favorite toy will prevent them from constant whining and disruptive behavior, especially during times when you’re busy.

FAQs About Why Dogs Whine?

Why Is My Dog Constantly Whining For No Reason?

Your dog may be whining for no reason is probably because they want or need something from you. Most of the time, it’s that they need your help to get their toy that’s stuck under the couch or if they’re hungry. It can also mean that they want your attention and that they want to play with you.

Are Dogs Sad When They Whine?

Yes, your dog can be sad, among other stated reasons, when they whine. It can be because they are stressed during social interactions with strangers or other people, separation anxiety, or when they feel sorry for something or when you scold them.

Should You Ignore A Whining Dog?

You should only ignore a whining dog when it’s an act of a behavioral issue. Instances of whining as a behavioral issue are when your dog has gotten used to being fed off the table when you eat. You should not tolerate this behavior if you don’t want the whining to get worse.

Why Do Dogs Whine Or Whimper?

Dogs whine or whimper when they are in pain, stressed or anxious. Whining dos that are in pain are usually accompanied by limping, lethargy, trembling in their voice, or any other symptoms of physical pain. It can also be because of separation anxiety or stress in social interactions with other dogs or strangers.

What Dogs Whine The Most?

Smaller dogs, like the Chihuahua, Poodle, Yorkie, and other small breed dogs are more likely to whine compared to bigger dog breeds because they are mainly bred to be guard dogs. However, the Husky is known to be very vocal dogs that whine and scream a lot because they are pack dogs and tend to communicate a lot.

Why Do Dog Whine At Night?

Dogs may whine at night because they are bored or because of anxiety. Your dog might be bored when everyone is asleep and they would whine because they are looking for someone to play with. Your dog may also suffer from separation anxiety when they are left alone at night.


Whining is a way our dogs communicate with us or express their feelings. As dog owners, we want to cater to their needs by determining the reasons why they whine, and at the same time, knowing when to ignore them to prevent bad behavioral issues.

Learn more about the what’s and how’s about your dog at Doggos Daily, where we provide you with all the information that you’ll need.

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by Nicole Barnett

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