Training your dog not only gives you quality time with them but also teaches your dog to be obedient. It requires a great deal of patience, repetition, and a lot of positive reinforcement, be it training puppies or a grown dog.

New owners may find it difficult to train a dog and most would require assistance from professional dog trainers. Understanding how to do it and what basic commands to teach your dog will show that it is easier than you’d expect.

Want to learn more? Stick around as we discuss how to train your dog.

How Can I Train My Dog?

There are different ways to train your dog, and it depends on how your dog reacts to your training method and how quickly they can learn from it. When training, you should be attentive to how your dog would associate a reinforcement method with the command you are trying to teach them.

Here are a few methods of dog training that beginners can do:

  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Scientific Training

Positive Reinforcement

This method of training is one of the most common and most popular training methods as it relies on rewarding your dog if they execute a command correctly and ignoring bad behavior. Using treats as a reward, your dog will then associate the command with getting a tasty treat.

Unlike the traditional, abrasive training method, the positive reinforcement training method does not require punishments if your dog is unable to follow or understand a command.

Rewarding your dog for good behavior and proper execution of command not only will prove the method as efficient but it will also be a good bonding moment for you and your dog.

Scientific Method

Unlike the positive reinforcement method, undesired behavior will not go ignored but not be severely punished. The scientific method may change how your dog reacts to training, and this method adjusts to it. This would mean that there is no definitive methodology.

For instance, when teaching a dog how to fetch, once they properly execute the command, you can reward them with a treat. If they don’t execute the command properly, you can show them the treat but not give it to them as a form of punishment. However, your dog may not respond to this reward-punishment system as you would like, so you would have to change the reward and the punishment and see which one your dog reacts best to.

FAQs About How To Train A Dog

How Do You Train A Dog For Beginners?

The easiest way to train a dog if you are a beginner is by using treats as positive reinforcement and using treats as a way for your dog to associate with the command you are teaching them. Reward your dog every time they execute the command correctly, it may take a few tries, so it requires patience and a lot of repetitions.

What Are The 7 Basic Dog Commands?

The seven basic dog commands that beginners can teach their dogs are “sit”, “down”, “stay”, “come”, “heel”, “off”, and “No”. These basic dog commands will teach your dog how to behave and how not to touch something that they shouldn’t. These will only take up to 15 minutes daily until they perform the command properly.

What Is The First Thing To Train A Dog?

The first and most common command you can train your dog is to teach them how to sit as it is a part of basic obedience training. Lure your dog into a sitting position by hovering a treat over their head or by pushing their butt down, feed them every time they sit so they will associate the command with the treat.

How Do I Train A Dog On My Own?

You can train your dog on your own by teaching them the 7 basic dog commands that beginners can use which are “sit”, “down”, “stay”, “come”, “heel”, “off”, and “no”. You can teach them these commands along with treats as a positive reinforcement every time they perform the command correctly until they do it instinctively.

Is It Ever Too Late To Start Training A Dog?

No, it is never too late to start training a dog but it would require a lot more patience when training old dogs compared to younger ones. Older dogs may be slower in training because of their age. Some adult dogs, however, may be easier to train because puppies get distracted more easily.

How Do You Discipline A Puppy?

You can discipline a puppy by performing obedience training for puppies, which includes teaching them the basic dog commands that would require them to behave such as “sit” and “stay”, among others. If you are unsure how to discipline a puppy, you can always seek help from a professional trainer.

What Things Should I Teach My Dog?

You should teach your dog the 7 basic dog commands which are “sit”, “stay”, “down”, “come”, “heel”, “off”, and “no”. These basic dog commands can also be called “obedience training”, which will teach your dog to behave on your command.

What Every Dog Should Know?

One of the most basic and most common commands every dog should know is how to sit. It is to teach them to behave especially in social settings when they are running around too much or if they are showing aggression towards strangers or other dogs.

How Do I Train My Dog To Walk Beside Me?

Start by walking your dog with a leash. Keep a treat beside you and hand it treats as you both walk. Loosen the leash, and if they walk past or behind you, tug them back to your side. Associate it with the command “heel” while using treats as a reward every time they perform correctly. Change your pace as a challenge for them until they are ready to walk without a leash.

How Do I Tell My Puppy No?

Lure them with a treat in your hand, once they try to grab the treat, use the command “no”. They would lick and sniff your hand and wait for you to give the treat. When they give up and start to back or walk away, give them the treat. Repeat this process until they perform “No” on command.

How Do I Get My Puppy To Obey Me?

You can get your puppy to obey you using positive reinforcements while also keeping a firm hand. Puppies are often stubborn and very energetic, so keeping a firm tome will make them listen to you. Use treats as positive reinforcement to allow them to associate commands better. Never use physical punishments or your puppy won’t respect you and would just be afraid of you.


Using positive reinforcement and the scientific method is used by many dog owners and proves to be very efficient methods of training your dog. You should remember that along with training comes a fun and positive experience with your dog so that they will respond better to training.
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