How To Massage A Dog To Poop?

There are times when your dog might need a little help from you when they want to poop. It may be because they’re old, or if they’re constipated, or if they take too long to find a spot outside. Nevertheless, you can help your dog with the process.

Having difficulty in pooping can be very uncomfortable for your dog. As dog owners, we must be knowledgeable of what to do and how to do it so we can help our dogs in these kinds of situations.

Want to learn more? Stick around as we determine how to massage a dog to poop.

Why Should We Massage A Dog To Poop?

One of the main reasons why we should massage our dogs to poop is because they are constipated, which can be very uncomfortable for them and might lead to severe health problems. Stimulating pooping to your constipated dog will not entirely heal it but will remedy the pain and discomfort.

Your dog may also be too old and might have a hard time passing feces. This is not uncommon among older dogs. If your dog keeps getting distracted outside while looking for a potty spot, you might need to stimulate them to poop to get the dirty work done.

If your dog is unable to poop, its colon will then stock up on dry, hard poop. This is called obstipation and might lead to megacolon which will eventually kill your dog within a few months if it is left untreated.

How Can I Massage My Dog To Poop?

Now that we have determined why must learn how to stimulate pooping, we must determine what to do and how we can do it. Let’s go through a few ways of performing pooping stimulation.

Backstroke Massage

Start this by making sure your dog lies on its sides, lie on its stomach, or even sits down. Put your hand at the base of their neck, along the sides of the spine, and do a massage stroke down to the base of the spine.

Circular Belly Massages

Make your dog lie on its back. Put your hands on the lower part of their stomach and massage it in a tight, circular, clockwise, and/or counterclockwise motion. Apply only light pressure and interchanging the clockwise and counterclockwise motion is recommended to make your dog poop faster.

Belly Strokes

While your dog is laying on its back, exposing its stomach, place your hand on the middle of its stomach and massage stroke downward toward its genitals. Only apply light pressure and repeat this for several minutes.

Rubbing Their Sides

Make your dog lie on its right side, exposing the left side of its body. Place your palm on the exposed abdomen and gently rub it up and down for a few minutes.

Rubbing Their Anus

Using a baby wipe, gently rub the area around the anus in a circular pattern to make your dog poop. Apply light pressure and repeat this for a few minutes.

FAQs About How To Massage A Dog To Poop?

How Can I Stimulate My Dog To Poop?

You can stimulate your dog to poop by performing specific massage techniques. One common massage technique is the “backstroke massage”, where you lay your dog on their side or belly, place your hands on the base of their neck and beside each side of the spine, and stroke down to the base of their spine.

How Long Can A Dog Safely Go Without Pooping?

Your dog can hold their poop for up to 48 hours without it being a point of concern for you, but you must contact your vet if your dog still isn’t pooping for more than 48 hours. Leaving them untreated may cause severe health problems for your dog.

What’s The Longest A Dog Can Go Without Pooping?

Your dog can typically go up to 24-48 hours without pooping, but if they still didn’t poop after 48 hours, then you should contact your vet immediately. You must then monitor your dog for symptoms of constipation and perform massaging techniques to stimulate your dog to poop.

Can I Give My Dog Olive Oil For Constipation?

Yes, you can give your dog olive oil when they are constipated by adding small amounts of olive oil to their food. Olive oil can act as a lubricant for your dog’s digestive tract, allowing poop to pass through easier. It can also act as a stool softener. 

Does Milk Help Constipation In Dogs?

In some ways, milk CAN act as a laxative especially if your dog is lactose intolerant, which can then force them to poop. Milk can, however, cause more health problems because too much of it can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal cramps.

How Many Pumpkins Do I Give A Dog For Constipation?

You can add one to four tablespoons of pumpkin to regular dog food or into their meal to aid in treating diarrhea or constipation. The pumpkin should be gradually introduced to your dog to prevent it as they might not like it.


One of our responsibilities as dog owners is that we should be able to cater to our dog’s needs, especially during situations where they can’t do it on their own, such as passing feces when they are constipated or unable to do so. Learning the massaging techniques to stimulate stool will aid you in those moments.

Learn more about the what’s and how’s about your dog at Doggos Daily, where we provide you with all the information that you’ll need.

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