How to Make A Dog Poop Quickly?

We, humans, tend to take our time whenever we poop in the bathroom – we simply don’t like being rushed, right? 

There are times, however, when we take way too long because of constipation, which is why we get extra worried whenever our dog doesn’t poop quickly. While this is not usually a concern, there are cases that it is caused by an underlying health problem

In this article, we will explore some of the strategies on how to make your dog poop quickly. Trying these methods may help your dog and give you some peace of mind. If these methods are ineffective, you can then consult your vet to figure out the cause. 

How to Make A Dog Poop Quickly

Dogs often take their time to poop, especially in new environments. They try to mark their territory, get comfortable, and then do their business. Once they settle in, they should poop fast. Dogs that struggle to poop even after trying hard may mean that they have constipation. 

If you suspect your dog to be constipated, then you should know what to do and what you’ll need. 

What You’ll Need

Here are some of the things you need that can help your dog to poop more quickly:

  • Canned pumpkin 
  • Squirt bottle with water
  • Ice cubes 
  • Gloves
  • Treats

1. Feed Your Dog Canned Pumpkin

Canned pumpkin can relieve constipation in dogs. It is high in fiber and high in moisture which softens the stool. This makes it easier for dogs to poop. You can feed your dog canned pumpkin with no extra preparation needed. If this is outside of their regular diet, you can make sure your dog eats it by pairing it with their favorite dog treats.  

If simply adding canned pumpkin to your dog’s diet is not effective, you can try the following stimulation methods. 

2. Use a Squirt Bottle 

Before trying this method, make sure that your dog is comfortable as the anal region is highly sensitive.  Fill your squirt bottle with cool water. Then, you can squirt water into your dog’s bum to stimulate them to poop. 

The cool water stimulates your dog’s anus to contract. After several splashes, your dogs should start to poop. This method should only be performed when your dog has a full stomach. 

3. Use the Ice Cube Method

The Ice Cube method is also an effective strategy to encourage your dog to poop. You should be patient and be very careful when using this method. Giving them a few treats can help you do this as this process can be uncomfortable for them. Don’t forget to wear your gloves!

Lift your dog’s tail and slowly bring an ice cube close to your dog’s anus. Try your best to hold it in place for about 30 seconds. After some time, your dog’s anus will start contracting. Then, your dog will poop so you better prepare for it. 

In some cases, these stimulation techniques may be ineffective as your dog may be uncomfortable. If that’s the case, then you may safely massage your dog to poop. 

How to Massage a Dog to Poop

The following massage techniques can help your dog poop quickly. Remember that your dog should be as comfortable as possible when doing these techniques. 

What You’ll Need

Here are some things you might need to perform the massage techniques we’re about to show you: 

  • Comfortable mat
  • Calming treats 

1. Lower Stomach Rotations

First, make your dog lie on its back. Its paws should point towards the sky. Placing your other hand on your dog’s chest may help them stay in that position. 

When the dog is comfortable enough, gently and thoroughly massage the lower part of the stomach in small, circular motions. Then, you can transition into larger circles after some time. Make sure your palm is flat. 

You can switch up between clockwise and counterclockwise motions to initiate bowel movements effectively. 

If your dog struggles to lie on its back, the next method may work for you. 

2. Full Body Side Strokes  

For this massage technique, make your dog lie on its side. 

As the dog gets fully relaxed, you can start to apply moderate pressure from their neck down to their tails. Use both hands, but be very careful and gentle when applying pressure. 

Do this for about 10-20 cycles then let them walk for a while. Let your dog slowly stand up to make sure they stay relaxed for another round. After walking, call them and repeat the process for the other side.  

Thorough massage on the sides will release tension in those muscles. This will make it easier for your dog to poop. 

Your dog may run off during the walk break. If that’s the case, the last method may work for you. 

3. Sitting Dog Technique

This massage technique requires your dog to sit or be in a squat position. 

The sitting position may be very comfortable for your dog. While they are sitting, you can start applying pressure using both hands to their upper neck area down to their lower backs. The palms of your hands must be on both sides of the spine. 

Massaging these areas will relieve the pain and discomfort in the surrounding muscles of the spine. Your dog will find it easier to poop.  

3 Factors That Cause Constipation in Dogs

Here are three factors that may cause constipation in dogs so you can understand why your precious dog is constipated. 

Not Enough Fiber In Diet

Fiber is healthy for a dog’s digestive system. Having too little fiber in their diet may result in constipation. 

Dogs don’t need a lot of fiber. Simply enough, you can ensure they consume their daily fiber needs by choosing good-quality dog food. 

Blockage Due To Foreign Objects

Dogs like to play with a lot of objects like rocks, sticks, and toys. Your dog may have accidentally chewed off bits of these things. 

This causes an obstruction in the stomach which makes them constipated. 

Anal Gland Problems

Dogs that have anal gland problems find it difficult to poop normally.  Excessive licking or itching in the anal area may be a sign that your dog has this condition. 

You should pay your vet a visit if you suspect that your dog has anal gland problems.

7 Tips to Prevent Constipation in Dogs

You might be wondering how to prevent constipation in dogs. The following seven tips may help your dog avoid this bad experience. 

Regular Exercise

Walking your dog regularly can help regulate their bowel movements. Make sure the road isn’t too hot for their paws! 

Proper diet

Feeding your dog quality food assures you that they get enough nutrition. A healthy dog means a healthy digestive system.

If you’re concerned about your feed’s quality, you can go to the vet and ask for prescription dog food.  

Good hydration

Being hydrated may help in preventing constipation. You can start by making water more accessible for them. 

Train Your Dog 

You can initiate potty training for your dog to poop at a designated place. This promotes regular pooping as dogs tend to mark their territory. 

Get Groomed 

Having your dog properly groomed helps prevent constipation. Grooming professionals will make sure that fur does not mat around the anus.


Massaging your dog’s muscles will ease pain and discomfort. So your dog can have regular sessions in the bathroom. 

Monitoring them during playtime

Take time to observe your dog during playtime. They may tend to chew off foreign objects that can lead to blockages. 

When to go to the vet

Constipation in dogs is rarely caused by serious medical concerns. Following the tips may help reduce necessary visits to the vet. 

So when do you go to the vet?

Well, it is always a good idea to take your dog to the vet on a regular basis. So they can help address issues before it turns into a problem. 

Also, if you suspect your dog to have health issues like anal gland problems, then you should take time to visit your vet. In this way, they can treat your dog with medicine. 


How Can I Relieve My Dog’s Constipation at home?

You can relieve your dog’s constipation at home by feeding them canned pumpkins, squirting stimulation, ice cube method, or massage. 

What Can You Give Dogs To Make Them Poop?

You can give your dogs canned pumpkins to make them poop. 

How Many Days Can A Dog Go Without Pooping?

Experts suggest that dogs can go for a day without pooping. The absence of bowel movement for 48-72 hours may indicate serious health problems. 

Can An Ice Cube Help Your Dog Poop?

Yes. The ice cube method works by promoting contractions in your dog’s anus. 

My Dog Keeps Trying To Poop But Nothing Comes Out – What to Do?

That is a sign of dog constipation. You may consult your vet for medical advice. 

Does Peanut Butter Make Dogs Poop?

Technically, yes. Dogs may experience diarrhea when eating peanut butter. 

What Should I Do If My Dog Hasn’t Pooped In 4 Days?

Lack of defecation for 4 days may be a sign of a serious medical condition. You should pay your vet a visit for medical assistance.  

How Can You Tell If A Dog Has A Blockage?

Your dog may have a blockage if they have the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, weakness, loss of appetite, failure to poop. 

Does Milk Help Constipation in Dogs?

Milk may be an effective laxative to relieve constipation in dogs. 

How Much Milk Do You Give A Constipated Dog?

Give your dog small amounts of milk as too much may cause diarrhea. Don’t make milk a regular part of their diet.  

How Long Can A Dog Hold Their Poop?

Dogs can hold their poop for about a day or 24 hours. 


As fur parents, we only want what’s best for our dogs. So we understand why you’re concerned that your dog isn’t pooping quickly. Dogs can also take their time in the bathroom, but if you’re worried that your dog is constipated, you may try the techniques mentioned in this article or consult with your vet. 
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