Dog Sleeping Position

We may have observed that your dog sleeps, A LOT, whether they are tired from playing around or not. We often find them in cute sleeping positions that we just got to take pictures of them, but did you know that certain sleeping positions of your dog can have meanings?

Dogs can’t talk like we do, so we have to be observant of their body language to determine what they are feeling, this can include their sleeping positions.

Want to learn more? Stick around as we talk about dog sleeping positions.

Dog Sleeping Positions And Its Meanings

Knowing the meaning behind certain sleeping positions will help you understand your dog’s body language even more. Let’s go through the common sleeping positions of dogs.

The Side Sleeper

This sleeping position is probably the most common, and we can see it on our pets. This is when your dog is laying on its side with its legs extended. 

This position means that they feel safe and comfortable with their surroundings. 

The Lion Pose

This is when your dog’s head is resting on its paws, which are stretched forward when they are sleeping, which would somehow resemble a lion or a sphinx. 

This position means that they are taking a quick rest and that they are still on alert.

The Burrower

This is when you see yourself sleeping under a blanket, pillows, or laundry. This position means that they are seeking warmth and comfort during colder temperatures. 

This could also mean that they are seeking safety, you can usually see your dog burrowing during a thunderstorm or heavy rain.

The Superman

This is when you see your dog laying on its stomach with its back legs stretched back and its front legs either stretched forward or along with their bodies, which would resemble Superman flying.

You can usually see dogs and cats doing this sleeping position on the internet a lot as it is very cute when they do this. This position could mean that they are taking a quick rest from playing or that they are trying to regulate their temperatures.

The Donut

When your dog is sleeping in a curled position like they are curling into a ball, this is called “the donut” or the “doggie donut”.

This position might mean that are trying to regulate their body temperatures, or trying to protect themselves from predators. They can also sleep in this position when they are not disturbed.

The Cuddler

This is mostly seen in puppies where they snuggle up with you on your bed and sleep with you.

This is mostly because puppies can’t regulate their heat the way adult dogs do, so they cuddle with you for extra warmth, or they could just be doing it because they want to be closer to their favorite human.

FAQs About Dog Sleeping Positions

Does A Dog’s Sleeping Position Mean Anything

A dog’s sleeping can mean something as it might be another way of them communicating with us. The main reasons why dogs sleep in a certain position are to help them regulate their bodies, seek warmth and security, or they just want to sleep beside their favorite human.

What Is The Best Position For A Dog To Sleep?

The best position for a dog to sleep in is “the side sleeper”. This is when your dog sleeps on either side of its body, with all of its paws stretched outward. This sleeping position can be an indication that your dog is feeling safe and secure in its surroundings.

What does Your Dog’s Sleeping Position reveal About Its Character?

If your dog is sleeping beside you or if they aren’t sleeping in a curled position, this means that it trusts you and its environment and that it feels safe. Your dog can display love and affection by sleeping beside its favorite human.

Where Your Dog Sleeps In Bed And What It Means?

If your dog sleeps anywhere in bed with you, this means that it wants to stay close to its favorite human and that they feel safe around you. The foot of the bed is usually where your dog might sleep because it is where the most space is located.


As dog owners, we want to give our dogs to feel safe and comfortable when they are sleeping. Observing your dog’s sleeping position will say a lot about their personality and how they feel about you or their surroundings. 

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by Nicole Barnett

Nicole has been a freelance writer for over 10 years. She has three dogs, two of which she rescued from the streets. When not furiously typing away at her computer, you’d either find her chasing after her adorable dogs and kids, or volunteering at a local shelter.

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