Can Dogs Have Coconut Water?

We, humans, have a variety of drinks that we can choose and enjoy without having to think too much if it’s safe or if they are toxic to us. One of those drinks is coconut water, which is a fresh and nutritious drink that is often added to smoothies or margaritas!

Since coconut water is great for us, have you ever wondered if you can give it to your dog? The short answer is, yes!

Want to learn more? Stick around as we determine whether dogs can have coconut water.

Can I Give My Dog Coconut Water?

Yes, you can give coconut water to your dog. It is a healthy treat you can give to your dog, though not all dogs may like it. It has a very light taste to it which wouldn’t overwhelm your dog, much like other juices and flavored water.

Like every other typical human food you can give to your dog, you should give it to them in small amounts. Coconut water contains a lot of calories, so giving it in small amounts will allow them to get their daily required nutrients from other foods and treats.

Does Coconut Water Have Nutritional Value For Dogs?

Coconut water is a very healthy and refreshing drink for your dog, especially during summertime. It is full of electrolytes to help hydrate your dog’s body and to regulate nerve and muscle function. It should not, however, be a water replacement and should be consumed moderately.

It is also rich in vitamins and minerals such as potassium for muscle growth, calcium for strong bones, and vitamin C as an antioxidant.

You should keep in mind that coconut water contains a lot of calories per serving, which is why you should give it to your dog in small amounts, allowing them to get their daily required nutrients from their other meals.

How Much Coconut Water Should I Give My Dog?

Since not all dogs may like coconut water, it should be introduced gradually into their diet. This will allow you to monitor how your dog reacts to its taste and how its body would react to it. Coconut water doesn’t have any components that are toxic to your dogs, so it is safe for them to consume.

You can start giving them coconut water a few ounces at a time. The amount should be controlled, not giving them over a single serving a day, to avoid too much calorie intake. You can mix coconut water and a little tap water for them to drink during hot weather, or you freeze coconut water popsicles to give as a treat to your dog.

FAQs About Can Dogs Have Coconut Water

How Much Coconut Water Can A Dog Have?

Dogs can only have a few ounces of coconut water a day since it contains a lot of calories in a single serving. You should only give coconut water moderately, allowing them to get their daily required nutrients from other meals or treats.

Is Coconut Poisonous To Dogs?

Coconut-derived products are generally not poisonous to dogs and are considered to be a healthy addition to their diet. Coconut milk and flesh, however, may contain oils that can cause diarrhea and stomach problems for your dog. 

Is Coconut Water Good For Dogs With Diarrhea?

Some dogs may not like the taste and sweetness of coconut water, which can upset their stomach and cause diarrhea. If your dog already has diarrhea and you’re thinking of giving them coconut water, it may not be a good idea as it will do nothing to remedy it.

Is Coconut Water Good For Dogs With UTI?

Coconut water can be good for dogs with UTIs and can help to reduce kidney stones because it is rich in potassium which aids in alkalizing your dog’s urine and preventing the formation of kidney stones. It shouldn’t, however, be the main option for UTI remedy.

What Coconut Water Is Good For Dogs?

Coconut water with mild taste and sweetness is best to give to your dogs since you should only give it in small amounts per day. You wouldn’t want your dog to consume an unhealthy amount of sugar and calories, so give it to them moderately.

Is Coconut Good For Puppies?

Coconut is a good and healthy snack for puppies and doesn’t contain components that are toxic to your pup. It should be given in small amounts to allow your pup to get their daily required nutrients from other food sources in their meals and treats.

What Are The Side Effects Of Coconut Water In Dogs?

Coconut water is generally safe for dogs and does not display any side effects in dogs when consumed in moderation. If it is consumed in large amounts, it can cause your dog to have an upset stomach and might have diarrhea.

What Can Dogs Drink Besides Water?

Safe and healthy alternatives for water for your dog are veggie juice or extracts, coconut water, beef or chicken broth, and fruit juices. These should not be the main source of hydration for your dog since most of these are processed and may contain harmful chemicals and preservatives for your dog.

Is Coconut Water Good For Dog’s Kidneys?

Coconut water and other coconut-derived products can help dogs with kidney diseases by providing energy, especially if they display kidney disease symptoms like lethargy because it contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). You should, however, maintain moderate consumption in your dog.


Coconut water is a healthy addition to your dog’s diet for hydration because it contains electrolytes that help regulate the water in your dog’s body. Coconut water does not contain components that are toxic to dogs. It shouldn’t, however, be a substitute for water as the main source of hydration.

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