Can Dogs Eat Grapes?

Dog owners feed their dogs fruits and veggies because they are healthy, right? However, grapes and raisins are one fruit that shouldn’t be fed to our dogs.

Can dogs eat grapes? This is a big NO. Grapes may seem harmless to us humans but it is very dangerous to our dogs.

Even small amounts are capable of potentially causing severe health problems for our dogs. Scientists and researchers are still unsure of why grapes and even raisins because they’re just dried grapes, are very toxic to dogs.

Stick around for you to learn that dogs shouldn’t eat grapes.

What Are Grapes?

Grapes, as human food, are known to contain high amounts of potassium which can help us reduce the risk of heart-related health issues such as strokes because it helps bring down blood pressure. It is, however, toxic to dogs.

Why Are Grapes Not Recommended For Dogs?

Researchers have analyzed the grapes and theorized the reasons for grape and raisin toxicity in dogs, however, there have been no conclusive answers as to what substance in grapes make them toxic to dogs. 

Grape poisoning can affect the kidney function of your dog, which is one of the most severe side effects if your dog ate grapes. So it is important to learn what human foods can also be safe dog foods.

Can Dogs Eat Grapes?

can dogs eat grapes - a plate of grapes

At this point, we have learned that dogs shouldn’t be fed grapes. Since grapes have different kinds and variations, let’s go through the different kinds and if our dog can eat them.

Can Dogs Eat Cooked Grapes?

No, dogs can’t eat cooked grapes. Grapes and raisins can be served not only as a healthy snack but it can also be added to a cooked dish. This does not, however, remove it’s toxic traits towards our dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Green Grapes?

No, dogs can’t eat green grapes. Grapes come in different colors and we might wonder if our dog can eat a certain colored grape. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Red, black, green, and purple colored grapes have the same toxicity to dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Seedless Grapes?

No, dogs can’t eat seedless grapes. Even if you remove the seeds of grapes, it is not yet determined what causes a grape’s toxicity to dogs. So you still might risk your dog with health issues even if it’s seedless.

Can Dogs Eat Cotton Candy Grapes?

No, dogs can’t eat cotton candy grapes. This variation of grapes, that is a hybrid of two different grape species, still has the same amount of toxicity.

Can Dogs Eat Grapes Without Skin?

No, dogs can’t eat grapes with it’s skin peeled off. There is no evidence that says that the grape skin is or isn’t the root of a grape’s toxicity to dogs. So it does not reduce the risk of health issues to your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Frozen Grapes?

No, dogs can’t eat frozen grapes. Even if it is cooked or frozen, it does not remove whatever substance that causes it to be toxic to dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Concord Grapes?

No, dogs can’t eat concord grapes. They are still as toxic as regular grapes.

Can Dogs Eat Wild Grapes?

No, dogs can’t eat wild grapes. Even though wild grapes are unprocessed and possibly have not been exposed to pesticides compared to grapes that are sold in the market, they are still very toxic to dogs. 

Wild grapes can also grow around moss which can contain soluble calcium oxalates which is toxic to dogs. Want to learn more? Here is everything about dogs eating moss.

Do Grapes Have Nutritional Benefits For Dogs?

Generally, fruits and vegetables have high nutritional value to our dogs, but grapes and raisins do not.

Not only do grapes have zero nutritional value for dogs, they might also lead to sudden kidney failure or in severe cases, death.

Ingredients and Compounds Found In Grapes

As human food, grapes have high nutritional value to us. Grapes contain water, carbohydrates, protein, Vitamin E, Choline, Zinc, and high amounts of antioxidants.

How Many Grapes Can Dogs Eat?

When a dog eats a grape, the effects vary on their size and weight. A larger dog might have a higher tolerance for grape poisoning compared to smaller dogs. Larger dogs can be fed a grape or two, which is already a dangerous amount for smaller dogs. 

However, this does not justify feeding your dog grapes, because it still does affect them despite their size. There have been no conclusions as to how many grapes a dog can eat that wouldn’t risk them of having health issues.

If you are persistent on feeding your dog human foods without knowing if they’re toxic to them or not, then it is important to know how much human food you can feed your dog often.

Can Dogs Die If They Eat Grapes?

Yes, dogs can die if they ingest grapes. The most severe effect from grape poisoning is kidney failure. If your dog eats grapes and isn’t given the proper medical attention, grape poisoning can kill them.

can dogs eat grapes - a dog sitting on the grass looking happy

Alternative Food To Grapes

If you want your dog to have a healthy diet that has fruits in it, it is best to just steer clear from grapes. Here are a few fruits that have high nutritional value for dogs:

  • Apples. They are low in fat and carbs which is a good snack for old dogs, and at the same time, reduce the risk of dog obesity. Apples are also rich in vitamins A and C.
  • Bananas. They are high in potassium, fiber, and vitamins, and are also low in sodium and cholesterol. However, bananas should stay as a treat because of their high sugar levels.
  • Blueberries. They are high in antioxidants which can prevent cellular damage for your dog.
  • Cantaloupe. They are high in nutrients, fiber, and water which is a good and hydrating snack for your dog. However, it is high in sugar so it should be given in moderation.
  • Cucumbers. They are packed with a lot of vitamins and nutrients and have low to no carbohydrates and fat. This is a good snack for dogs with diabetes and obesity.
  • Watermelon. They are almost composed of water, which can help your dog stay hydrated during hot weather. It is also filled with vitamins and minerals.

You should keep in mind that you should remove the seeds of any fruit that is stated that have seeds. The seeds can possibly cause intestinal blockage or a choking hazard. Fruits that have high sugar levels should also be given in moderation if you want to maintain a healthy diet for your dog. Learn more about how much food your dog should eat to help you make the best diet for your dog.

If you want to be safe on what to feed your dog and prevent any health complications to your dogs, you can steer clear from human foods and stitch to dog food for healthy dogs. find out what the best dry dog foods and best-wet dog foods are.

What To Do If My Dog Ate Grapes?

If you suspect your dog ate grapes, it is best to follow these steps so that you can provide the proper treatment for your dog.

  1. Take all the grapes left away from your dog. We wouldn’t want them to ingest more grapes.
  2. Contact your veterinarian when you’ve suspected that your dog ate grapes. You can also contact the Animal Poison Control Center and ask what you need to do to care for your dog.
  3. Monitor your dog for any signs and symptoms of grape poisoning. Symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, dehydration, constant urination, and a decrease in appetite.
  4. Rush your dog to the vet. Given that your house has limited resources to take care of your dog, you would want to bring your dog to the vet and seek professional help.

The vet can give treatment to dogs with grape poisoning by:

  • Induce vomiting to empty their stomach (if your dog ate the grape within the past 2 hours), you can perform this as well if your vet instructs you to do so. Activated charcoal will then be given to your dog because it will absorb the toxins from the grape that your dog ingested and lessen its effects.
  • Urinalysis and blood tests may be necessary to determine any kidney-related issues.

FAQs About Dogs Eating Grapes

Are Grapes Bad For Dogs?

Absolutely! Grapes are highly toxic to dogs which can lead to kidney-related health issues and it might even lead to killing your dog. There has been no conclusion as to what substance in grapes causes its toxicity in dogs, so it is best to steer clear from grapes in the first place.

Why Can’t Dogs Eat Grapes?

This is because grapes are highly toxic to dogs. Ingestion can cause a lot of health issues for your dog and could possibly be fatal. Grapes of different kinds and variations are all very dangerous for dogs to ingest.

Can A Single Grape Kill A Dog?

A single grape is enough to cause health issues to your dog. Once your dog has ingested a grape, it might take an hour or two for you to see symptoms arise. 

Dog size can also be a contributing factor as to whether a single grape can kill your dog. Large dog breeds have a higher tolerance to grape poisoning compared to smaller dog breeds.

Is It OK If My Dog Eats 2 Grapes?

If your dog is a large dog breed like German Shepherds or Golden Retrievers, they can consume one or two grapes and have less severe symptoms compared to smaller dogs. Small amounts of grapes (one or two pieces), however, is enough for a small dog, like Chihuahuas, to have severe symptoms.

How Many Grapes Can Kill A Dog?

One or two grapes is enough to cause severe side effects to your dog. Symptoms may appear in a few hours. Even a small amount of grape ingestion can lead to kidney failure, which symptoms may appear within 72 hours.


Can dogs eat grapes? We have determined that it is a definite NO. Despite having no solid conclusion as to what substance in grapes makes them toxic to dogs, it is no justification that you feed your dog a few grapes.

So when you’re eating grapes, make sure to keep them away from your dog and that you shouldn’t leave them unattended to prevent your dog from eating grapes.
Learning what other human foods that are harmful to dogs is essential as it might be food you didn’t expect are harmful to your dog, such as takis! Want to learn more? Here is the answer to the question “can dogs eat takis?”.

Infographic: Can Dogs Eat Grapes?

can dogs eat grapes infographic
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